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Data manipulation in azure development storage by using web services – workaround

While developing the Azure project this was the biggest problem I came across and being just a newcomer in this area I could not solve it. So I figured a way around that worked perfectly well and then I used it to finally make a working project. Nearly all the solutions I came across in the different portals were about the same problem without the development storage anywhere in question but for the people who first need to make a working solution in the development storage using anything like the VS2010 there was no help nowhere. The problem was that while accessing data which was stored in a blob in cloud storage through a web service by a Silverlight client. It gives an impression to the storage of the cloud that this is being done by cross site scripting (this is what I got from all the different sources I read) and because this was not allowed the cloud project (webrole in my case) was blocking the request and was returning nothing in return. So this solution that I figured out is …

ParameterLess construct

When I was creating my first cloud app that’s used Microsoft Azure for storage and computation purposes I came across a strange problem which wasn’t related to the Azure itself but was more related to the c# and the .net framework.
When I was writing the code I made a Class which had no parameter less construct. Objects of this class were then used in the program. Because this class was derived from Ienumerator I could actually user Foreach() on the objects of this class but to my surprise the code shown below was showing error at the highlighted line.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient;
using Microsoft.WindowsAzure;
namespace WebRole1
public class mspDataServiceContext : TableServiceContext
public mspDataServiceContext(string baseAddress, StorageCredentials credentials)
: base(baseAddress, credentials)
static int c;
public IQueryable<msp> msps
return this.CreateQuery<msp>("msps&…