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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Customized Online Learning Dangerous as it is Necessary

The recent uprise in Online Learning Platform like Pluralsight, Coursera has raised some important questions over traditional learning system and also on traditional examination systems.
The fact that online learning courses are derived from what users need and not what should be actually taught has also raised serious concerns about what is finally going inside the heads of professionals.

Traditional system while teaching any subject also includes major things that might never be used in real life but still is important to actual context of that particular subject. The syllabus goes through the hands of experts before finally reaching the learners. Online education / Videos have completely disrupted this system and now only what is needed is taught leaving out all the motivational factors and context of the subject that brings glamour and other related attributes to the identity of the subject.

So yes while system has to evolve to teach students more than C++ in today's world but also the roots of the system lies in not only getting the work done but also getting it done in lowest cost possible and in the maximum efficiency possible.

On the other hand demand based learning has proved itself in the era of market demands. The demand generates the need for specialized and low time consuming courses. Courses free from routine restrictions. Popularity of these courses can be a starting point in blowing the education bubble as predicted my many industry experts.

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